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Hardwood Flooring Voda Floors

Hardwood Flooring Voda Floors

There’s nothing quite like the classic beauty and timeless character of hardwood floors. But they’re not suitable for all spaces, particularly in areas prone to moisture and spills. If you want the look of wood in areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and laundry room, but want a built-in insurance policy against moisture damage, waterproof hardwood may be just what you need.

Hardwood Flooring Voda Floors are made from natural hardwood or engineered wood that’s been treated to be impervious to liquid. The treatment varies among manufacturers, but they all include some sort of protective finish that guards against liquid infiltration and everyday wear and tear. This is in contrast to untreated hardwood which, once it becomes damaged by water, will swell and bloat until it’s rotting from within.

Timeless Elegance: Hardwood Flooring Choices by Voda Floors

The 1.6 – 2mm layer of protective finish on waterproof wood is also what limits how many times it can be refinished, but with proper care and regular maintenance, you should not have to refinish your floors for up to 30 years. Waterproof floors are also a good choice for homeowners with pets, as they’re more resistant to urine, scratches, and dents than traditional hardwood floors.

If you’re looking for a waterproof hardwood floor that offers both style and protection, Voda Stairs & Flooring has an extensive selection of LVP and hardwood floors to elevate your space. Our LVP collections are a far cry from the tacky stick vinyl of the past, and advanced image embossing techniques allow for a surface that looks more authentic to real hardwood than ever before.

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