Tips For Animal Portrait Photography

animal portrait


Taking portraits of animals can be challenging — but if you are willing to put the extra effort into your photography, you will end up with results that do both you and your pet justice. Considerations like eye contact, body language and capturing the character of your pet all add up to make an image that stands out from the rest. Read more

When hiring a pet portrait artist, it’s important to provide them with the best reference photos possible. Including multiple angles, close-ups of the face, and different lighting conditions will help the artist create an accurate representation of your pet. For example, a portrait of your cat will be more effective if it includes a detail shot that shows the texture of its fur and a row of slightly-bared teeth.

The Art of Capturing the Wild: Animal Portraits That Inspire

The background of your portrait will also impact the final result. A simple, flat backdrop will be less expensive, but a painted setting can give the work more depth and dimension.

Painting pet portraits is a popular career choice, especially for those who are interested in creating a more realistic depiction of animals. However, some artists specialize in a more whimsical, abstract style of animal portraiture.

Check out local art exhibitions and galleries to discover talent in your area, or look for local pet-themed artist groups on social media. In addition, many pet painters can be found in specialty stores and gift shops. You can also try your hand at painting pet portraits yourself by signing up for a studio arts program or workshop that offers instruction on the subject.

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