The Benefits of Secondary Window Glazing

secondary window glazing

The benefits of secondary window glazing

Adding an extra glass layer to your secondary window glazing is a cost-effective way to improve insulation and reduce noise pollution. It’s especially useful if your current windows are single-glazed or have lost their efficiency over time. You can also use it as an alternative to replacing your sash or heritage windows, particularly if your property is in a listed building or conservation area where there are restrictions on changing the appearance of your window frames.

A major benefit of secondary glazing is that it reduces energy bills by limiting the amount of warm air that escapes through your windows, and cold air that can enter. It also eliminates draughts, which means you can feel warmer in your home for less money and without harming the environment.

Secondary Window Glazing: A Solution for Comfort and Energy Efficiency

You can choose from a range of secondary glazing systems, some that are DIY and others that are professionally installed. These systems can be designed to fit sliding sash windows, swinging sash windows and even those with large opening sections.

The simplest form of secondary glazing is a transparent film that looks a bit like cling-film but is invisible when it’s properly fitted. It’s not recommended to attempt this yourself as it can be tricky and you may damage your existing windows if you don’t know what you are doing.

Wooden and aluminium frames that mimic your existing window frame hold the glass insulation panels in place, and are available as’reveal fixed’ or ‘face fixed’ units. Both are designed to be slim line so they don’t impose on the authentic sight lines of your existing window design.

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