Take an Iceland Volcano Helicopter Tour

helicopter tour Iceland volcano

Taking a helicopter tour Iceland volcano is one of the most unique and exhilarating activities to do during your stay in our beautiful island. See the beauty of a real volcanic eruption from the air, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is a special tour where you will see the ongoing eruption of Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula. The eruption started in March 2021 and lasted for six months, forming a huge lava plateau with multiple craters. The new eruption that started on 10 July 2023 is also amazing to see, with lava rivers and a multitude of colors flowing from the long, parallel fissures in the lava field.

If you are lucky, you might be able to land near the active volcano and get up close for pictures that will be remembered forever. You can also combine this tour with a whale-watching tour or admission to the Whale Watching Museum, creating a full day of fun and adventure in Iceland.

Volcanic Heights: A Helicopter Tour Over Iceland’s Fiery Landscapes

The tours we offer are all different and can be booked separately, depending on your interests. If you are interested in seeing the ongoing eruption of the Litli-Hrutur volcano, please note that this has been a dormant volcano until recently, and Activity Iceland will be launching tours of the area if it becomes active again (it can start at any time). Otherwise, enjoy a spectacular sightseeing flight over our volcanic landscapes with a helicopter tour and soak up the incredible panoramic views outside Reykjavik.

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