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Artist: Hegarty Steinbeck & Robles
Release Date: November 2013
Format: CD

Spontaneous creative improvisations exploring the potentials of collaborative Time and Space. This trio goes from exciting dynamic driving intensity to quiet moments of lyrical counterpoint. Three highly skilled musicians expressing one unified vision.

Hegarty, Steinbeck & Robles (HS+R) is an avant-garde jazz trio uniquely born of roots in the St. Louis/Chicago and New York avant-garde scenes and flavored intensely with the spirit of south Texas. A native Chicagoan and now living and working in the St. Louis incubator of free improv, Hegarty draws upon influences as wide as Stockhausen and Zorn, Hancock and Shipp. Steinbeck spent time in the hallowed canyons of the NYC and Brooklyn experimental scene – working with AACM members George Lewis and Fred Anderson. Robles interjects a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the jazz tradition flavored with the rich multicultural sounds and rhythms of his native El Paso.

This debut from HS+R is and exciting album of unified vision. Their music spans the sonic landscape of the driving manic montuno feel of the opening track, Potential, to quiet, lyrical contrapuntal textures.

Each member brings a unique and varied background. Paul Steinbeck can be heard on six recordings, including three CDs released by the Brooklyn contemporary-music label Engine Studios: Nine Ways (2004), Three Fifths (2005), and Sun Set (2007).

In addition to playing with bands in the Southwest, Shane Del Robles played for Pop-rock band The Royalty and helped them successfully snag a record deal with Victory Records.

James Hegarty has performed with multi-instrumentalist and AACM artist, Douglas R. Ewert. His compositions have been performed throughout the US, in Europe, the Pacific Rim. His multimedia opera, The Soul of the Rock, has received multiple performances including a production in New York produced with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. He has recorded and produced six albums including the IDM disc, Leaving Venice, a live experimental quartet recording on the New Music Circle series, Off Topic, and two solo piano albums, Antithesis Reflex and Cut It/Out.

Reviews of previous albums

A very personal and original recording. – Corey Hall,

Unassuming gem from an American artist with much to say. Unreservedly recommended. –

His playing is bluesy, with a very light touch, nice pulse but with an approach that goes a little against the grain, sometimes angular, sometimes hesitant or cautious on purpose, as if the notes themselves are living beings wondering what to do next…Nice album! – stef Gijssels, Free Jazz


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Kvist 007 - Time Space

Kvist 007 – Time Space

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