St Louis

St Louis New Music Circle – a not for profit organization dedicated to presenting a variety of cultural events emphasizing contemporary music and enhancing Saint Louis’ reputation as a significant location for the creation and performance of improvisational and experimental music.
Lemp NAC – excellent punk, noise, and other non-commercial music and arts venue.
4MS Pedals – makers of the Noise Swash, Triwave Picogenerator and others. Great products and great people.
Apop Records – the best record store in St Louis, also a great record label.
UnitOvOne – purveyors of interesting electronic music events.
KDHX – St Louis community radio.

Software – online community for Pure Data (includes free downloads of latest editions).
Cycling74 – Makers of Max/MSP.
HighC – based of Xenakis’ UPIC system, great composition tool.
PaulStretch and HyperMammut – PaulStretch is a rather fantastic time stretching program. I stretched a 3 minute track into something that would have taken several millenia to play (computer didn’t like it very much). HyperMammut is similarly impressive in its radical take on Fourier transforms. High quality squelchiness. They’re free!
SPEAR – another free FFT program.
RTcmix – programming language well suited for algorithmic composition. There’s also an rtcmix~ Max/MSP external for extra fun!