Lawyer Credit Dispute

Having inaccurate information on your credit report can damage your chances of getting loans or jobs. A lawyer credit dispute can help you get this information corrected.

How can I fix my credit for free?

A lawyer credit dispute can also advise you on how to file a claim with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). They can help you draft a letter that will ensure that a credit reporting agency investigates the inaccurate information and corrects it. They can also sue a credit reporting agency or creditor for violating the FCRA.

Errors can be found in all three credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax — and they can affect your FICO or VantageScore. The best way to find and correct these errors is to submit a written dispute, using a sample letter found on one of the credit bureaus’ websites. It’s important to send the letter by certified mail and keep copies of all correspondence. This will prove that the credit bureau received your letter and gave it a reasonable amount of time to review.

Some lawyers and law firms specialize in credit disputes and offer monthly challenges and/or certified letters via mail to the Big 3 to clean up your file. These firms are superior to regular credit repair companies because they can legally sue if they don’t get satisfactory answers from the credit bureaus.

For more serious or complex problems, a lawyer can help you take legal action against the credit reporting agencies and creditors that supplied the inaccurate information to them. These types of lawsuits can be complicated because of the different laws involved, and you’ll need a lawyer who is experienced with this type of work.

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