Construction Fence Signage

Whether it’s protecting the public, promoting construction site fence banners, or conveying job site safety, well-designed fence signage can meet the communications needs of any project. An experienced large-format printing company can help you select the right banner, fence screen, or barricade cover to meet your requirements.

Construction Site Fence Banners: Maximizing Visibility and Security

Adding fence graphics can make your construction project more visually appealing, especially when it’s near homes or businesses in the neighborhood. Opaque privacy screens minimize prying eyes and reduce the risk of work zone vandalism and theft. Branded banners can feature construction progress updates and images of the finished building to increase the excitement for the final reveal while also explaining the economic benefits of the project to local residents.

Fence wraps and banners are often visible to people who walk, drive, or take public transportation. They’re also an excellent way to promote a new business or brand. SONCO’s team can help you design and print high-quality, brightly colored fence banners that capture the attention of passersby. They can also feature a logo, tagline, or other branding elements to help you build your company’s identity and connect with the community.

Some job sites require a temporary barrier to keep people from entering the area and getting injured by falling materials or working workers overhead. The right construction barricade sign can communicate the hazards, warn people to stay back and provide navigation information for visitors navigating through the site to find points of entrance, parking, or onsite offices.

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