CBD Cat Treats

cbd cat treats

The cbd cat treats cat can help ease anxiety, increase mobility, promote healthy digestion, and boost cognitive function. Whether your feline companion is dealing with a condition like intestinal lymphoma or just getting older, these supplements are an excellent addition to their care routine.

This higher potency pick from BATCH pets comes in a container that holds up to 25 individual CBD pet treats. These chicken-flavored treats offer a full-spectrum hemp extract loaded with synergistic cannabinoid compounds, plus glucosamine and MSM to support joint health. If you’re considering a new supplement, it’s always best to start with the lowest dose possible and monitor your kitty’s response over time.

Purr-fectly Calm: Exploring the Benefits of CBD Cat Treats for Feline Anxiety

These wholesome kibbles from Petly are a great option for cats and kittens of all sizes. The broad-spectrum formula features organically grown hemp derived CBD, chicken, brown rice flour, and pea flour, along with vitamin E, calcium, and fish oil. They’re packaged in tall containers that make it easy to scoop out the amount needed for one feeding session.

This brand’s founders are pet parents themselves, so they know how much our furry family members matter to us. Their high-quality, organically sourced CBD products help ensure that our pets live long, happy lives. They use the same rigorous testing standards as all of their supplements to make sure they’re safe, effective, and trustworthy. Their CBD cat treats are formulated with all-natural ingredients that are free of animal byproducts, meals, wheat, corn, and dairy. They also add brewer’s yeast and peas to give these kibbles their signature salmon flavor.

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