Can You Buy CBD Oil Online Australia?

cbd oil online australia

Cbd oil online australia , short for cannabidiol, is one of two well-known chemicals found in the cannabis/marijuana plant. It is not psychoactive like its cousin THC and has no known side effects, including a lack of dependency or addiction. CBD has been shown to have an array of therapeutic properties, and is gaining popularity as a natural health supplement.

Currently, all CBD products sold in Australia are only available via prescription from your doctor. This is due to the TGA (Treasury Medicines Administration) listing CBD products as Schedule 4 drugs, meaning they must undergo stringent medical trials in order to be listed on the ARTG. The research required to certify CBD as a medicinal product is costly and out of the reach for most pharmaceutical companies.

While there is much anecdotal evidence of the benefits of CBD, more clinical trials are needed to confirm these claims. Despite this, some doctors are willing to prescribe CBD oils through Special Access and Authorised Prescriber Schemes for neuropathic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. However, it is important to note that the THC content in most medicinal cannabis products can cause impairment when driving, so it is recommended not to drive while taking these medicines.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil: Benefits, Dosage, and How to Choose the Right Product

For those looking to purchase CBD, be sure to only buy from reputable brands that have transparent lab results and offer multiple potency options. It is also a good idea to check with your doctor before attempting to purchase CBD, as it may interfere with certain medications.

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