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Born in St. Louis in 1973, Raglani was raised in CA, PA, and spent much time in Chicago and Italy. Visual arts, including photography and painting, were an integral part of his upbringing, and he went on to study philosopy and film in college. His growing dissatisfaction with his ability to communicate through visual media drew him to focus on sound work.

Raglani first began working with guitar. He founded a sound engineering studio in St Louis, and eventually began producing his own records.

Raglani has played with Panicsville and collaborated with Burning Star Core (C. Spencer Yeh). His own record label, Pegasus Farms Records, focuses on the local St. Louis noise scene. He has produced under various underground labels, and in 2008, signed with Kranky Records.

Raglani’s work has become increasingly focused on modular analog synthesizer, disguising and processing guitar and vocals – elements from his earlier sound palate. He searches for a cinematic effect in his music, which will evoke visual images for the listener.




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