JD Emmanuel – Solid Dawn CD & EOD – Untitled 12″

On the verge of release…

#3 – EODUntitled – 12″ – 8 tracks of analog electroid idm from Trondheim, Norway. After all sorts of delays this will finally see the light of day. There’s 2 of the best Nintendo/chiptune tracks I’ve heard on here, bringing back happy childhood memories of sunny days spent indoors with the curtains drawn, pushing buttons and looking at a screen. The other 6 tracks show a balance between technical know how (including knowing when to stop – there is no messy overproduction here) and acute instinct for detail, brought together by a real enjoyment of the craft of tune-creation. All the tracks slam at parties. http://002q.com.

#4 – J D EmmanuelSolid Dawn – CD – I was first introduced to JD Emmanuel’s work two years ago through the re-release of his “Wizards” LP, hailed as “a transcendent blend of Terry Riley, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Popul Vuh and early Kraftwerk”. The bottom line for me is that it sounded damn good, in the way that a couple of records I buy every year do – it remains in rotation on the bedroom turntable. Without going into too much depth, a conversation about the aforementioned LP led to contact with Mr. Emmanuel and the tracks that make up Solid Dawn, a compilation of tracks written between 1979-1982 and originally released in very limited quantities on cassette. These are not dusty old tracks dug up from someone’s basement, they are sparkling new tracks resurrected from the recesses of forgottenness. http://www.jdemmanuel.com/.

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