Every year the stores and online portals launch toys and gifts with a lot of advertisements targeting the impressionable minds of the kids. They are naïve and are influenced easily with what their friends show off.

As a parent, we are in a conundrum. We want the kids to be happy and satisfied, we also want them to feel equal to their peers and not inferior in any way. But we also realize the futility of buying toys that will be used for a few days at the most and then will be in the discarded pile. We are not sure whether we should focus on educational games or allow them to spend money on some trinkets that have no value at all after the attraction wears off.

Here is a suggestion. There are many websites and forums, where parents post their ideas about various aspects of bringing up kids. Sharing their viewpoints and problems help them to find solutions as well. For example, this site reviews the latest toys, which have been recently launched in the market. You can check out and see the methods other parents are using to decide the gifts and toys for their kids.

You can also search online and get an answer to your query pertaining to the games and toys that are loved and are useful for the kids in the same age group as yours. The ultimate aim is to get them something that they appreciate and love and enjoy playing with. If they learn something while playing then that is a bonus.

You want toys and gifts that help to activate the brain of the kids. The kids also need to balance their playtime, physical activities and study time. The games and toys should also help to make them more creative and encourage them to be more imaginative. Search carefully and consider what other more experienced parents are doing and then decide what to buy for your kids. You can also write your kid’s reaction in these forums and that will help other parents.