People who are more into vogue and style knows what it means to have a branded luxurious handbag. Not just the outfits, the accessories we wear and carry also enhances the overall look. But, do you think that everyone can afford a luxury bag? The answer is No! For many people, purchasing a luxury bag is like buying an asset. It is huge. They are not ready to spend their one month’s salary on a piece of leather. But still, their dream to buy a designer bag can be fulfilled in a few ways. Unfortunately, we can never find the best bags that we like on sale.

• We must note down that there is little variation in prices between different countries. For example, some European websites offer bags and purses at less price compared to the price of the same product in US sites. Also, imported bags are always at the higher end as their total price includes tax. My advice goes to the designer bags manufactured in one’s home country.

• Compromising colors is an option. Usually, at the end of the year, the offseason colors are sold for less price and we can make use of this offer.

Are cheap luxury bags a real thing? Well, I think yes! Rather than going for the counterfeit bags, we can wait, observe and be aware of the offers to get the real designer bags or knock off bags.

• I suggest buying pre-loved luxury bags too. The designer bags stay in perfect condition even after many years. Such beautiful, well-maintained bags can be bought at the cheaper price in second-hand markets.

• At times, we can find luxury bags available for a lesser price online. Make use of referral points and inaugural offers to buy your best-loved bags at an affordable price.